• 1998x3198 Play #

    Maurice and Pat Huxtable of Pilton

    Maurice Huxtable was born in 1922 and lived for much of his life at 82 Pilton Street, immediately above the Church Hall, with his parents Benjamin Ernest and Edith Tamzyn Huxtable and his sister Iv...

  • 2378x1831 Play #

    Children in Pilton Church Porch 1968

    This picture was taken in the porch of St Mary's Church, Pilton in 1968. It was sent to the Pilton Story by Jan Cashin (formerly Huxtable) whose family lived at 82, Pilton Street. Jan is far right ...

  • 2310x1305 Play #

    Pilton School Recorder Group 1967

    This is Miss Turner's recorder group pictured at Pilton Primary School in 1967, when the school was beside St Mary's Church before the move to Abbey Road. The photo shows Jan Cashin (formerly Huxta...

  • 3204x1978 Play #

    Fancy Dress 1930s era

    This is a photograph of a fancy dress competition in Pilton Church Rooms and must date from the very early 1930s. It is well worth close study as the costumes are very imaginative. The one child ...

  • 6684x4476 Play #

    Maurice Huxtable at Pilton School in the late 1920s

    This is a photograph of the children of Pilton School next to St Mary's Church. It dates from the late 1920s. The one child identified so far is Maurice Huxtable, sixth from the right on the seco...

  • 2592x1944 Play #

    Pilton Street in the 1920s (possibly)

    This picture dates from the early part of the 20th century judging by the cars and the dress of those walking up the street. Someone may have a more accurate date. The Gold Flake advert outside No ...

  • 162KB Play #

    Pilton Voluntary Primary School (1945 - 1951)

    An account of what it was like to be a pupil at the Pilton Voluntary Primary School from 1945 to 1951 written by John Norman. The three references in the text of the document refer to graves in St...

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