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Quay reflections on days of fishing in the 1950s by Sylvia Mullen (neé Pert)

Quay reflections on days of fishing in the 1950s by Sylvia Mullen (neé Pert) /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=522

"Growing up with parents who had a passion for fishing it was hardly surprising that we children would follow. Before these adventures along the river beds could take place some rag worm (bait) had to be dug up. With this done mum would pack up the sandwiches, flasks, lemonade, etc. then off we would go. Sometimes we would go to this quay [downstream of Rolle Quay near the Stanhope Flour Mills] or maybe the quay further up towards the Town Railway Station but the favourite spot was deemed the old iron bridge which was further up river. Having Rock Park accessible was handy should there be a lack of fish on that day as we could go and play football games of sorts on the open grass. It wasn't unusual for women to fish alone. On these quays I recall my mother catching a dogfish, the only catch of the day. On other occasions it would be flounders. They were very tasty fish especially how mum cooked them. Ironically I am not into fish these days apart for the occasional cod. My parents love of this stretch of river was apparent when both requested their ashes to be scattered here. A perfect ending."

Sylvia Pert and her family lived at Pilton Lawn. They got plenty of exercise walking everywhere. Thanks to Sylvia for posting this fascinating photograph.

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