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Pilton School in 1964 (not 1961/62 as previously thought)

Pilton School in 1964 (not 1961/62 as previously thought) /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=416

This photograph shows the children of Pilton Primary School for the year 1964. The boy at the front marked with an 'x' is Peter Newcombe, uncle of Gill Madge, nee Newcombe, who posted the photograph on Facebook.

Susan Houston (neé Roscoe), Gill Madge, Derek Hart, Carol Cole and Margaret Menzies have helpfully identified the following:

The young girl sitting next to Peter on the end of the first row is Rosemary ??. Third from the right on the front row is thought to be Lynette Saltern and third from the left is thought to be Valerie Squires. Janet Gratton is in the second row, third from the right, Susan Roscoe (now Houston) is fourth from the right (with the white headband and diagonal pattern on her dress). The dark haired girl in the middle of the second row is Sally Donovan (whose parents ran the Rolle Quay Inn). The blond girl next to Sally (fourth from the left) is Anita Hill (who moved from Pilton Street to Plymouth in the late 1960s – she and her brother Derek Hill used to play the cornet). The long haired girl next to Anita was Penny ?? (whose father owned the TV appliance store in Boutport Street in Barnstaple). The girl standing at the right of the third row was called Andrea Burrell and the girl third from the left in that row is thought to be Tessa Norman. The boy directly behind Andrea was called Tony, who was always getting into bother. The vicar’s son Guy West may be the young man third from the left on the back row, and the boy with blond hair third from the right on the back row is Martin Budd, the son of Mr Budd who owned the shop on the corner of Fair View and Rolle Street which has now disappeared.

Derek Hart also identified Peter Babb, on the back row far left, and David Steward, back row 2nd from the right, both confirmed by Margaret Menzies. She also identified Timothy Cox next to Peter and Martin Budd on the back row.

Thanks to Gill Madge, Susan Houston, Derek Hart, Carol Cole and Margaret Menzies. We would love even more. And thanks to Gill Madge for posting the photograph.

This photograph was originally posted as being taken in 1961/62 but a study of another photograph of Miss Turner's class, clearly taken the same year, has identified it as having been taken in 1964.

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