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The Family of James and Lottie Alford

The Family of James and Lottie Alford /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=248

James Alford was born in Shirwell in 1868 and was a Blacksmith with a smithy in the Green Lanes, an area of Barnstaple demolished about 25 years ago to make way for a shopping centre. He married Lottie Emma ??? born 1869 in Devonport and they lived at 80 Pilton Street in the 1800s. They had seven children - Alice Mary, Frank, Herbert, Frederick, Sidney, Edith and Ernest James.

Alice married Lionel Down from Leary Bottom, Filleigh, was born on 22 June 1898 and died on 26 June 1991. Ernest James was born in 1899 and was killed in the 1st World War. Frederick was butler to Mr Palmer of Huntley & Palmer biscuits and worked for them all his life. Frank was baptised in Pilton Church on 28 March 1900 and lived until he was 45 years old. Herbert was baptised at Pilton Church on 3rd July 1907. He was called up and joined the Navy, was torpedoed and taken to Cairo. When he came home he became a Bevan Boy - working in the mines. Afterwards he worked for H R Williams in the High Street, Barnstaple. He died in July 1977. Sidney had a sweet shop in Crediton. Edith married Bob Shaw and they lived in London.

In 1900 or 1901 James Alford had two houses built at 1 and 2 Yeo Vale Road. Lottie Alford died in 1934. James Alford died in 1928.

Thanks to Sally Avril Turner (nee Kingdon) for this information. Sally is married to Kim Turner who is James and Lottie's Great grandson. The uploaded document shows the family tree of James and Lottie Alford.

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