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Open Mic Night at the Reform Inn, Pilton, 16th February 2015

Open Mic Night at the Reform Inn, Pilton, 16th February 2015 /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=531

The Open Mic Nights on Monday evening at the Reform Inn in Reform Street, Pilton, have been running since 2001 when the landlord was Mark Kilminister. At his request, Esther Davies, who then worked there, approached Brendon Taylor and he ran them for about 10 years until emigrating. Now every Monday evening, Simon Darling introduces all the performers and Neil Rolfe does the 'buttons' - the sound desk. This photograph is of the performers who played and sang on the night of 16th February 2015:

Left to right: Toby Parker, Mike Featherstone, Don Hearn, Alan Phillips, Tim Boyce, Mark Fowler, Andy Taggart, Ced Piper, Helen Clark-Hayton and Dave Clinch with Simon Darling (inset). Apologies to Neil who is missing from this shot. Note the starring role of a pint of Barum Breweries 'Original' in the foreground.

Simon, Neil and Toby play together as the Simon Darling Band. Alan, Mike and Tim play together as The Commodes.

The Reform Inn is now run by Esther Davies with her husband Gavin.

Thanks for the photograph to Martin Haddrill.

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