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Some Account of Pilton Priory and Church by William Bagley 1907


In 1907, William H M Bagley, Vicar of Pilton, wrote an account of Pilton Priory and St Mary's Church which was published by Sydney Harper & Sons of Barnstaple. As he says himself, "this little book is intended chiefly for the Parishioners of Pilton" although he accepts that "others who visit our ancient Parish Church may like to have some account of it". He was responding to "a common complaint both by visitors and residents that there is no authentic record of a Church that evidently must have an interesting history".

The original small book-sized document of about 85 pages covers the history of the Priory, the Priors, the Parish Church, the Incumbents, the Churchwardens, the Tower and Bells, the Monuments and Stones, the Font and Pulpit, the Churchyard, and the Schools all up to 1907 of course.

The pdf file is quite large and will take a while to open or download.

Thanks to John Norman for lending us his copy of the document.

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