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The Story of the Twelve Curlicues of Pilton in 1987


Thirty years ago an exciting project came to Pilton. Funded by Beaford Arts to celebrate its 21st birthday, and with enormous support from many local companies, the Horse and Bamboo Theatre from Lancashire organised what turned out to be a spectacular four days of events, celebration and fun. They took place over the Easter holiday of 1987 on the streets of Pilton and in Pilton Park and brought together local schools, clubs and organisations as well as many individuals.
The whole event was recorded in the 50 page 'Curlicue Scrapbook', a copy of which is held by The Pilton Story thanks to Albert Linacre's diligence. It is filled with sketches, notes, records , explanations and photographs and a list of all the people in all the groups and what they did. If you would like to see it please contact us.
The programme for the Easter weekend can be found in The Pilton Story archive at the end of this link:

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