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When The Voice UK came to The Reform Inn, Pilton, in 2018


The Reform Inn, Pilton
The Voice UK is a Saturday night television talent show which started on the BBC in 2012 and moved to ITV in 2017. Without going into the details, the idea is that talent is judged simply on the voice of the contestants alone and not on what they look like. After contacting Esther Davies in The Reform Inn and providing a poster (see download), on 23 April 2018 they sent Lauren and Sarah to record at the Open Mic Night which is held every Monday. It was apparently part of the research process for participants for the 2019 series of The Voice UK.
The Open Mic Nights on Monday evening at the Reform Inn have been running since 2001. They were run by Brendon Taylor for about 10 years until he emigrated. Now, every Monday evening, Simon Darling introduces all the performers and Neil Rolfe does the 'buttons' - the sound desk. On the download is a photo below taken during the evening in which 18 people auditioned, a mix of regulars and others who had applied specifically for the show.

Said Esther Davies “It was a great event! I was contacted by phone out of the blue and asked if our Open Mic Night could be filmed! They sent me a poster to advertise the event, and that was pretty much it until the two girls, Lauren and Sarah, arrived! They enjoyed the evening as much as we did, stating that there was a lovely sense of community and support! They hope to return next year, and who knows, they may have discovered the next number one artist here in Pilton!”

Many thanks to Esther Davies and The Reform Inn for providing the information and photographs.

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