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The Bartlett Family of Pilton from 1864 onwards

The Bartlett Family of Pilton from 1864 onwards /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=808

This photograph shows the family of William and Jane Bartlett (née Baker) of Pilton in about 1910. Their family has links to many North Devon families - Sanders, Passmore, Hobbs and Huxtable, amongst others.
William and Jane were married in St Mary’s Church, Pilton, in October 1885. The photograph was sent to The Pilton Story by Brenda Parsley, their great grand-daughter. The family members in the photograph are:
Back row (left to right): Edwin ‘Ned’ Bartlett (1892-1926), Frederick Thomas Bartlett (1890-1955) and William Henry Bartlett (1886-1955, Brenda’s grandfather),.
Front row (left to right): Thomas Bartlett (1894-1948), Frank Bartlett (1905-1977), William Bartlett (1864-??), Jane Bartlett (1865-1947), Albert Bartlett (1899-1941), Jane ‘Jennie’ Bartlett (1896-1986) and Minnie Bartlett (1901-1962).
William and Jane Bartlett also had a son, Joseph, who was born in 1888 and died in 1889 age 17 months. This archive entry also cross-references with the entry about Jane Bartlett who lived at No 8 Pilton Quay at the bottom of Pilton Street before it was demolished in the 1960s. It stood where the two flower tubs and the ‘Pilton’ mosaic can now be found.
The stories of each of the members of the family follow here:
Edwin ‘Ned’ Bartlett married Gertrude Brittain and they had William Henry in 1914 and Frederick Robert in 1920.
Frederick Thomas Bartlett married in November 1915 and had Jack William (b. 1920).
Thomas Bartlett married Mabel Lily Martin in December 1923 and they had Harold (b. 1925), Olive (b. 1928) and Kathleen (b. and died 1930).
Frank Bartlett married Emily Huxtable in November 1928 and they had Audrey (b. 1929), Kenneth (b. 1931), Terance (b. May 1933), Roy (b. 1943) and Gillian (b. 1946).
Albert Bartlett married Elsie Sanders in November 1929 and they had Brian (b. 1934) and Peter (b. 1940).
Jane Bartlett married Alfred Edwards Hobbs in July 1920 and they had Alfred William (b. 1921), Jane ‘Jennie’ Elizabeth (b. 1923, Joseph Samuel (b. 1927, died 1928). Their wedding photograph is also on The Pilton Story:
Minnie Bartlett married Frederick Passmore in December 1930 and they had Mary Passmore (b. 1937) who still lives in Pilton.
William Henry Bartlett first married Emily Leythorne in 1910 and they had a son Harold William Bartlett in 1912. Sadly Emily died in childbirth in 1914.
William then married Edith Mary Harris (1889-1988, Brenda Parsley’s Grandmother) in 1918. They went on to have three children, Dorothy May Bartlett (b. 1918, Brenda Parsley’s Mother), Ernest Thomas Ronald Bartlett (b. 1920) and Marjorie Patricia Bartlett (b. 1924).
Dorothy May Bartlett married Horace Horsman in July 1938 and they had four children, Wendy (b. 1939), Brenda (b. 1942), Margaret (b. 1947) and Leonard (b. 1951).
And in March 1963 Brenda Horsman married Gordon Parsley.
Many thanks to Brenda Parsley for such a comprehensive family story. We hope it helps anyone looking for one of the many members of her family.

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